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Hi there... I'm Jacki!
I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer, graphic designer and visual storyteller with an eye for detail and (it’s been said) a knack for putting people at ease.

I find myself endlessly inspired by people, their connections and dreams and I'm  compelled to capture them in posed and spontaneous moments. I also create story inspired fine art works, in which your portrait is just the beginning.


Balancing playfulness and professionalism, I ensure our photography session is a collaborative space. When nerves dissolve and self-consciousness subsides, the magic happens as I capture and reflect the essence of who you really are.


My photographs have been described as: "authentic , striking, polished, playful and natural"... If these ideas resonate with you, imagine what we can create together!


Whether it’s to personalise your brand with a professional edge, celebrate a family milestone or tap into the wonder of your child’s imagination, I’ll help you tell your story in a way you’ll treasure forever. The possibilities are endless….


Please get in touch to talk about:

•  Professional headshots and corporate events

•  Family, lifestyle and milestone moments

•. Digital fine art and story inspired portraits

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